Lunar New Year 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016 07:53 PM

Lunar New Year 2016
Lunar New Year is here

The seasonal Lunar New Year event is back, celebrating the Year of the Monkey. This event takes place for about two weeks, ending on February 9th. Old rewards from the previous Lunar New Year event are back, and new rewards and Achievements have been added. The main draw of this event (aside from the unique weapon and backpiece skins and certain Gem Store items available for a limited time) is the significant boost to Magic Find as a whole. With all the item drops and passive, persistent boost that increase Magic Find percentages, you could be earning significantly more rare, exotic, and even Ascended items while you play the game, whether it be in PvE, sPvP, or WvW.

The bulk of this event takes place on the Divinity's Reach map in the Crown Pavillion area. The entire area is decorated for the festival, and the main vendor for the holiday-specific items and minigame NPC are located there as well.

Achievements –

The following is a list of achievements related to the Lunar New Year seasonal event:
  • Firecracker Finder: Find and light all of the firecrackers in the Crown Pavilion
  • Light Up The Sky: Set off 100 Lunar New Year fireworks
  • Dragon Ball Champion: Win 10 games of Dragon Ball (repeatable infinitely)
  • Dragon's Breath: Gain 4 Dragon damage power-ups in the Dragon Ball arena
  • Dragon's Heart: Gain 8,888 health while in the Dragon Ball arena
  • Dragon's Gaze: Interrupt 20 skills in the Dragon Ball arena
  • Dragon's Shadow: Gain 5 invisibility power-ups in the Dragon Ball arena
General Achievement Tips –
  • Firecracker Finder: There are ten total firecracker locations around the Crown Pavilion. Some are easy to find (such as the one at the front of the decorative gate directly west of the Crow Pavilion waypoint), and others take some climbing and jumping around (about four of the firecrackers involve walking around on top of or jumping off the glass eagle canopy). The most challenging one to access is located on a platform right under the eagle's beak, if you have the Heart of Thorns-exclusive Gliding mastery, you can glide to those firecrackers. Otherwise, you can try falling off the ledge where the wing and the body of the eagle meet; if you die from fall damage when you hit (the edge of) the target platform, try again with a Revive Orb in your inventory, so you can revive and set off the firecrackers by yourself if there's nobody around or willing to help revive you.
  • Light Up The Sky: There's actually no need to use up the special Lunar New Year fireworks (that grant bonuses to Experience and Magic Find) that drop from lucky envelopes to get this achievement. Setting off any fireworks will do. The Box o' Fun randomly grants firework skills on use, and the standard Fireworks consumable item counts for the achievement. Fireworks can be acquired easily on the cheap (32 copper a piece) from Pyromaster Zarrt in Rata Sum. All you really have to do is use firework skills 100 times, regardless of which kind of fireworks you use.
Dragon Ball Arena

The main (or only) specific activity tied to the Lunar New Year event is the sPvP-like Dragon Ball Arena activity. The rest of the Achievements for this seasonal event are based on acquiring and using skills in this activity. It's a fairly quick-paced activity, but unfortunately, the matchmaking is very unbalanced, and can lend itself to long losing streaks if you keep getting stuck with bad team members. Additionally, when a team is determined to be too large, there is no reward for swapping to the outnumbered team, making the imbalance worse. Unlike past years, completing matches does not grant any rewards for either the winning or losing team, unless it's for the Daily achievements Dragon Ball Boss (Win 5 games of Dragon Ball) and Dragon Ball Participant (Play 2 rounds of Dragon Ball), and the repeatable Dragon Ball Champion seasonal achievement.

The Dragon Ball Champion achievement is exactly what it sounds like – win a bunch of matches (ten matches per Achievement cycle, repeatable infinitely). The Dragon's Breath achievement requires you to get the orange Dragon Damage orb at the bottom center of the arena map four total times. Meanwhile, the Dragon's Shadow achievement requires you to get the invisibility effect five total times; the black orb that grants the effect spawns at the top center platform of the arena map. Dragon's Heart requires you to pass through small, medium, and large blue orbs scattered around the map to restore your health when damaged (10, 25, and 50, respectively). To get this achievement, you must restore a total of 8,888 health points. Finally, the Dragon's Gaze achievement requires interrupting an enemy's skills, this can only be done using the #4 skill (Dragon Kick) if you've acquired it.

New and Returning Lunar New Year Items

This Lunar New Year's items are themed around the Year of the Monkey. The Lucky Monkey Lantern is a new, rare drop found in Lucky Envelopes. It can be upgraded to the Lucky Great Monkey Lantern in the Mystic Forge. If you want last Lunar New Year's backpiece skin, you can combine the Lucky Monkey Lantern backpiece with another Lucky Monkey Lantern backpiece, the Memory of the Zodiac item, and 10 Essences of Luck to get the Lucky Ram Lantern (which, like the Lucky Monkey Lantern from this year, can be upgraded to a Lucky Great Ram Lantern through the Mystic Forge).

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