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At Bandlero we take your privacy and our privacy seriously. We will safeguard any information you provide to us and that may be collected by us through this site; third-parties have their own polocies. This Policy explains to you what information we, or other third-parties, may collect; for what purposes the information is collected; and who is collecting the information.

What Is Collected, Who Collects It & Why

This site uses Google Adsense and Google Analytics. Google collects certain information about your visit to this site to deliver relevent advertisements to you and to provide visitor and usage statistics to us so that we may improve the site. Please visit Google to learn more about what information they collect, how it is used, and how to Opt-out.

This site uses Facebook social plugins to provide certain content, third-party content, and functionality. The information provided to us by Facebook with your permission will never be saved, stored, or shared by us.


This site may make use of cookies. Cookies generally help automate the site and to tailor the site to suit your preferences. If we need to employ the use of cookies, depending on your browser's settings, you will be alerted. Not allowing cookies may cause certain portions of this site to operate and function incorrectly.


This site, directly or indirectly through third-party content, may provide links to other sites and content unrelated to us. These third-party sites have their own Privacy Policies. We are not responsible for how third-party sites use and share your information. If you do not know the site, the url, or do not trust it - do not click the link.

Changes & Updates

We may change, alter, ammend, or update the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. The changed Privacy Policy will be displayed here, on this page, located at the url: http://bandlero.com/privacy.aspx.

Acceptance of Terms

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